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  • Lung Auscultation – Vocal Resonance

    Vocal resonance is the sound of the patient’s voice detected through the stethoscope. Unlike breath sounds it’s generated in the patient’s larynx. In certain diseases it can be abnormally transformed giving valuable clue to the diagnosis.

  • Lung Auscultation – Adventitious Breath Sounds

    Adventitious breath sounds are abnormal sounds heard during the auscultation. That represents all the sounds other than normal breath sounds or vocal resonance. Their nomenclature is very ambiguous and confusing and vary greatly from physician to physician. This can lead to misinterpretation and possibly medical errors. Clear and united nomenclature is therefore of great importance.

  • Lung Auscultation – Normal Breath Sounds

    Despite the advancements in chest investigation methods, auscultation remains the fundamental part of the physical examination. There is no other more readily available and cost-effective diagnostic method that can be repeated as often as necessary. Modern stethoscopes convey sounds better than ever, however, their usefulness still depends on the part between the earpieces.